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Condition Details: Never Used/Never Installed
Units Available: 1
Operational Status: Disconnected
Warranty : No
Warranty Details: Exp Dec 2018
Generator Make: GE (General Electric)
Generator Model: 7A6
Generator Serial #: 436X273
Max Electric Capacity (MW): 102
Hertz (Hz): 60
Driver Types: Natural Gas
Driver Make: GE (General Electric)
Driver Model: 7E.03
Driver Serial #: 299258
Rated RPM (RPM): 3600
The package comprises the following major components along with all GE scope of supply and
• Frame 7EA Gas Turbine model PG7001EA (7E.03)
• Dry Low NOx (for DLN 1.0 Combustion System*)
• Natural gas single fuel supply
• Design Site Output/Heat Rate 84.6MW at 1916 ft and 32°F; 91MW at 0 ft and 32°F
• Includes GE PIP package (minus Stg 3 Aero), 2055°F firing temp
• Inlet/Exhaust: Pressure drop: 3.5/5.5 inches of H2O
• Hours: factory test fire only, i.e. New
• Control System: MKVIe Speedtronic TMR
• Generator: GE/Andritz
• Frame: BDAX (Brushless)
• Excitation: GE EX2100
• Frequency/Power Factor: 60 Hz/0.85 pf
• Rated Output: 101.8 MVA
• Cooling: Air-cooled
• Designed for the Canadian Market
• Stored in accordance with GE’s storage/preservation requirements
Other Auxiliary Equipment Available:
• Air Cooled Glycol Heat Exchangers c/w VFD’s, Filters, Glycol Pumps, GSU Transformer,
Glycol Expansion Vessel, 52G synchronizing breaker compartment included @ 13.8KV
incl. all protection relays etc. – Terminal Voltage: 13.8Kv (2 pole, 3-phase, Wye conn.)
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG – Not Complete)
*Combustion system not included or installed – refurbished combustor components available
upon request